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Episode 62: Five Minute Reawakening Meditation

Join me in this guided meditation for reawakening and remembering on the path. Om Namah Buddhay! Om Namah Shivaya! Om Namah Vishnu and Ganesh: Bestowers of wealth and abundance, Of fortune and freedom on the realm of our Earth, for each Being, And homage to Arya Tara and the 21 Taras: Oh, bring us all… Continue reading Episode 62: Five Minute Reawakening Meditation

Buddhism, Society, Spirituality

Episode 60: Indurance Running & Spirituality

Perhaps these monks look like they're not doing much; slow and serene, making their alms-round. But, they are true creatures of endurance, just like you and I. These monks have made a vow to follow the path until the very end of the road: until reaching Nibbana. How many of us from western cultures, without… Continue reading Episode 60: Indurance Running & Spirituality