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Episode 58: Upajjhatthana Sutta – Subjects for Contemplation

This Sutta is closely related to the Four Noble Truths: the first Truth being that there is suffering - old age, sickness, separation, and death. But, the Buddha doesn't stop there! He found out that, even though these inevitably exist, there is a way out of suffering them. The Sutta is a reminder that we,… Continue reading Episode 58: Upajjhatthana Sutta – Subjects for Contemplation

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Dhamma and Sickness: Mid-season Blog

What has the Dhamma been teaching me lately? That we all get sick! "What is the advantage of often reviewing this: ‘I am liable to get sick, I am not exempt from sickness’? There are sentient beings who, drunk on the vanity of health, do bad things by way of body, speech, and mind. Reviewing… Continue reading Dhamma and Sickness: Mid-season Blog

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Episode 57: Being a Buddha and Loving Your Enemy

Being a Buddha may not be what you imagined... is a Buddha reserved for one man, Shakyamuni? Does he have to lay on his right side and appear as calm as in deep sleep? Does a Buddha wear long orange robes, engage in Tantric Green Tara visualisation, or sit on a cushion for hours a… Continue reading Episode 57: Being a Buddha and Loving Your Enemy

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Episode 54: Understanding “Not-self” in Buddhism

Good afternoon, and welcome to the Curious Bodhi Podcast! On our show, we are talk about one of the most mysterious and misunderstood terms in Buddhism. This is the notion of "not-self" or Anatta. The Buddha taught the Middle Way between eternalism and nihilism. In Zen, they say: "if your mind is leaning [to the… Continue reading Episode 54: Understanding “Not-self” in Buddhism