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Our podcast relies on donations to keep us up and running! Extreme gratitude to those who feel to help out and spread the Dhamma far and wide.



Personalised Guided Meditation

With an initial phone or video consultation, I will provide you a personalised meditation based on your spiritual tradition and current issues. This will be either a WAV or MP3 file for you to keep. Please use the contact form or email for our initial consultation!


Meditations I can provide you:

1. Visualisation Meditations: Medicine Buddha meditation for healing, especially when you or a loved one is physically ill. Either Vajrayana or Hindu deity meditations on their attributes: Green Tara, Shiva, Krishna, etc.

2. Non-dual meditations

3. Body/mind relaxation meditations

4. Buddhist breathing meditations

5. Awareness and Open-awareness meditations

6. Walking meditations

7. Before sleep meditations