Here are the best podcasts I can recommend on the subject of awakening:

Bob Thurman Podcast

Vedanta Talks

Dharma Ocean

Awakening Now with Lama Surya Das

Satsang with Shambhavi

Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism

Dharma Talks from PIMC

History of Indian and Africana Philosophy

The Mindful Cranks

Quantum Yoga Podcast

The River of Wisdom

Sudhir Rishi

Buddhism Guide

Upaya Zen Center’s Dharma Podcast

The Wisdom Podcast

New Books in Buddhist Studies

Zen Studies Podcast

Everyday Buddhism

These are highly recommended Youtube channels:

Siddhartha’s Intent

Sat Yoga Institute

Tibet House US

Master Sheng Yen

Dharma Nation

Craig Holliday

Zen BitchSlap

Buddha at the Gas Pump

Yuttadhammo Bikkhu