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Episode 62: Five Minute Reawakening Meditation

Join me in this guided meditation for reawakening and remembering on the path. Om Namah Buddhay! Om Namah Shivaya! Om Namah Vishnu and Ganesh: Bestowers of wealth and abundance, Of fortune and freedom on the realm of our Earth, for each Being, And homage to Arya Tara and the 21 Taras: Oh, bring us all… Continue reading Episode 62: Five Minute Reawakening Meditation

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Episode 60: Indurance Running & Spirituality

Perhaps these monks look like they're not doing much; slow and serene, making their alms-round. But, they are true creatures of endurance, just like you and I. These monks have made a vow to follow the path until the very end of the road: until reaching Nibbana. How many of us from western cultures, without… Continue reading Episode 60: Indurance Running & Spirituality

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Episode 58: Upajjhatthana Sutta – Subjects for Contemplation

This Sutta is closely related to the Four Noble Truths: the first Truth being that there is suffering - old age, sickness, separation, and death. But, the Buddha doesn't stop there! He found out that, even though these inevitably exist, there is a way out of suffering them. The Sutta is a reminder that we,… Continue reading Episode 58: Upajjhatthana Sutta – Subjects for Contemplation

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Dhamma and Sickness: Mid-season Blog

What has the Dhamma been teaching me lately? That we all get sick! "What is the advantage of often reviewing this: ‘I am liable to get sick, I am not exempt from sickness’? There are sentient beings who, drunk on the vanity of health, do bad things by way of body, speech, and mind. Reviewing… Continue reading Dhamma and Sickness: Mid-season Blog