Important Announcement! New Project: “Bhakti Revival”

The Curious Bodhi Podcast is changing… all episodes will still be available on Spotify, iTunes, etc. My new project is Bhakti Revival: Please listen to Episode 83 for full details!

I am holding free online video classes until my dance studio is opened in Central Portugal.

Bhakti Revival fuses Kirtan — or dancing in the name of God, the Supreme Absolute — with other forms of dance, such as:

  • Emotional / Physical Release
  • Trance Dance & Learning To Connect and Lose Yourself in Music
  • Mild Acrobatics and Yoga Fusion
  • Arm, Foot, Hip, and Specific Movements of the Body

We will also learn about Bhakti and ancient Vedic Wisdom in all of my videos! Join me on this great adventure of life!

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