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Episode 82: Is Consciousness Infinite? Do We Really have any Limitations? — With Rodrigo Jacinto

In this episode, we tackle the “problem” of whether we are truly infinite beings! Get ready for a philosophical and uplifting talk on how we can expand… and expand… and expand…

Rodrigo and I ‘argue’ that we are completely infinite and that there are millions of ways to do a million things… and that no perspective in particular is right or wrong. We human beings limit ourselves based firstly on our parents’ projections, then on our cultural upbringings and systems of thought (such as capitalism or communism) and believe that we are separate egos instead of the sea of love and bliss that we are.

Because we are individuals, which is the beauty of life and of nature, this indivi-duality creates an unlimited scope for unlimited possibilities. If this is so, then we can go on to transcend our current limitations and become the all. Shakyamuni Buddha experienced this infinity during his enlightenment. Call it Moksha, or Mukti, or Nirvana, or Awakening — yet it is the same.

We talk Siddhis. We talk culture. We talk consciousness. And we talk our amazing human nature.


Enjoy, and email me at curiousbodhi@zoho.com

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