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Episode 81: Get Your Life-Force Back!

Many feel as if they are not growing spiritually, nor positively, because their life-force energy is being held back in some way. This is usually due to cultural and social influences but also can be due to early trauma or emotions such as shame and guilt. But, these shadows can be overcome and we can be truly happy, in the Dharmic sense, by following the necessity of uplifting ourselves and each other through: compassion, bodily movement/imbibement, doing what pleases us, and even big changes such as getting out of the city or learning the needs of our spouse or child.

In fact, I went through this myself — for 7 years, I sacrificed nearly 100% of my life-force energy, though unknowingly, for a job I didn’t enjoy in a large city (that is, London, England) with no free time to expand my consciousness or awareness. Through moving to Portugal and throwing away the keys to my old lifestyle, I am growing and expanding, because each day is precious: I now have time for nature, to enjoy the sunshine, to spend quality time with my family and friends, say hello to my community on my daily runs, to contemplate, dance, garden, paint, and worship the divine through both Kirtan and Sadhana (prayer). If your heart is calling you this way, I encourage you to follow your intuition so your energy becomes “unstuck” and you can again grow.

Blessings, healing, and prayers for you, friends. Namaste! Email me at curiousbodhi@zoho.com and visit http://www.curiousbodhipodcast.com.

**Please look into: Samaneri Jayasara, Lama Surya Das, and Dharma Bytes Podcast for the awareness meditations mentioned in this episode.

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