Buddhism, Hinduism / Sanatana Dharma, Interview, Philosophy, Society, Spirituality

Episode 79: Is Buddhism a Revolutionary Force? — An Interview with Nick Lee and Jared Benson of the Revolution and Ideology Podcast

In this crazy age of separation via the pandemic, there has never been a better opportunity in our living, breathing, human history to harness this rapid change to adapt ourselves to create paradise on earth.

Does Buddhist spirituality, along with the other Dharmic paths to liberation, have the ability to create social change? How does practicing the Dhamma extend beyond the individual to encompass all beings? Is it possible to get beyond “the self” and live in harmony as a globe? What do the Four Noble Truths have to do with it?!

Let’s explore in this episode with professor of sociology, Nick Lee, and professor of history, Jared Benson.

Visit Nick and Jared at www.revolutionandideology.com for their current episodes.

As always, email me at curiousbodhi@zoho.com to get in touch about this subject!

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