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Episode 78: Compassion and the Actual Meaning of Life

As a wise man once said: “The truth is simple, but the seekers of truth are complex.”

What is life really all about? It’s too simple to even fathom for more than one second. Life is about each other! Now we can list all the reasons that “he hurt me…” or “that person wronged me in that business deal”… and even if we don’t consciously think it, it’s stored away in our subconscious mind from previous traumatic experiences, and we have a protection mechanism to keep it from happening again. This is one way the ego is born, beyond the early years where we broke away from our parents. This is the definition of an ego: that which is separate from anything else. And this is why we grasp at posessions and ways to keep us busy, as an escape from truly relaxing with others and loving them before oneself.

But, at some point, with much soul-searching and real maturity, we come to the point where we have to open up again. It’s painful. It’s not easy to look at ourselves and have our traumas, dramas, pain, fear, and anxiety come to the surface in meditation or even in our day-to-day thoughts. But it’s there. And the sooner we come to face it and realise it was all just a mirage and a wrong view of reality — and that we can NEVER be hurt or wronged or even subtly touched in a negative way — is when we blossom from the small, enclosed, ego-personality (on a search for wealth, comfort, security, fame, approval, romance, and all the rest of it) to the beautiful creatures that we actually are.

This is why the Buddha ever talked about Bodhisattvas or compassion in the first place. In an intriguing story, when he discovered the nature of reality under the Bodhi tree — which was just the integration of everyone and everything into one big love bubble — the first thing he did was smile. He realised his selflessness, and there was no little Buddha there who could have ever been hurt or killed. Since he was literally every other single being or thing out there in the world and every conceivable universe, then how would he take anything personally? Huh?

So do it as soon as you can. Love thy neighbour as thyself. We don’t have time to waste on petty things. You have gotten this far, and there’s not far to go to the other shore.

Namaste, and take care until next week! Email me at curiousbodhi@zoho.com.

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