Buddhism, Hinduism / Sanatana Dharma, Philosophy, Society, Spirituality

Episode 76: Trusting the Vedas & Dharma Vs Scientific Materialist-Rationalism

The Dharma, meaning “the eternal, natural, way” is rich in ways to access the truth — the Buddha most famously saying there are 84,000 doors to enlightenment. But what does this have to say about the way we interpret our own minds, and indeed, the world? Which perspective holds the most accountability for the deepest nature of reality, reflecting the entire picture of truth when we compare this with the western scientific view? The Dharma as a “better” way to know the truth and the divine is presented, along with multiple philosophical and epistemological debates that really can be elaborated upon for eternity. I encourage you to reflect and use your own creative imagination and justification to form your own ideas, here.

I thank Dr. Robert AV Thurman for his talk: The Tibetan Path of Enlightenment:

Sri Acharya for: Hierarchy, Dharma, and Modernity:

and Leo Gura for his work on: Spiral Dynamics:

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