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Episode 70: The Virus & Vaccine Will NOT Take Our Freedom and Humanity Away!


“When my children ask me… ‘daddy, what did you do during the pandemic when they were trying to take our freedoms and human rights away?’ And I will be able to tell them that I did all I could, in my power, to tell the truth and stand up for our rights.” – Dr. Andrew Kaufman, MD

I said I don’t do opinion pieces often — but this topic is too big to ignore.

Now, I’m not worried about myself. I am armed with a plethora of information, research, and the power of God and goodness are with me. I am worried about those who may not know the magnitude of the situation we are facing as one global, human family.

Medical professionals, authors, and those with decades of experience are speaking out about the virus and its implications, because they are visionaries who see at least two steps ahead. The Native Americans have a saying,

“Act as if you are looking seven generations into the future.”

This is exactly what they are doing. We care about our children’s consciousness and the conscious abilities of the human people moving forward. Every single step in this pandemic-journey counts.

When you listen to my podcast episode, you will see a bigger picture. I do have yet another anecdote to share with you, though. There is a new mandate in Portuguese law that states that mask wearing is essential to walk into public establishments such as food shops, schools, etc. On public transport, you risk a fine of between 120-350 euros if you are caught without a mask.

Nowhere does it state, however, even with the updated mandates to this date (May 7th, 2020) that, rather than on public transport (paragraph 3), not wearing a mask can land you a monetary fine. It’s funny, then, that just today, my friend was threatened and given a “final warning” with a 200-euro fine from the police and was handed a basic mask, even though he was wearing a homemade mask. He did not break any law!

Dr. Rashid A. Buttar, another outspoken doctor and former Director of Emergency Medicine in the US Army, created a video that he self-deleted within 24 hours of its release from Youtube. He said,

“If you are a military officer or police officer, I remind you that you took an oath to protect others from threats, both foreign and domestic. If you are using your badge to not honour that promise, then you should step out of your uniform.”

Our Constitutions are here for a reason: to protect people. But what are they doing? They are not protecting people — they are acting in the interests of the few who want to keep us dumb, deaf, and blind to their plans.

Namely, Bill Gates. Now, I believe everybody is a good person and has the same Buddha-nature underneath, but they act out in ways based on their own psychological suffering. This is what Gates is doing. He has said,

“Life will not go back to normal until we have a vaccine.”

And he means, every man, woman, and child will have to be vaccinated before they can have access to daily activities such as shopping at the supermarket, going to work, taking public transportation, or getting on an airplane or ship. Gates, coming from a family of eugenecists, openly states that he desires “human de-population”. Whether the virus was created in a lab or is natural; whether it came from China or originated elsewhere; whether the virus is exosomes or not; does not denote the fact that Gates has taken this opportunity to fund the CDC and the WHO for vaccine research and come up with a vaccine in record time! Normally, it takes at least four years to be safely rolled out, and Gates is hoping for a matter of 12-18 months, but I predict it will be even sooner than that. If you can see the problem with that in itself, you are on the right track.

Gates also wants to employ ID-2020 which is a tattoo and/or microchip that shows if you are vaccinated or not in order to “live normally”, using the services I listed above. If you can see the problem with that, you are on the right track.

What am I personally doing to stand up for basic human dignity right now? I refuse to wear a mask.

I am carrying a formal letter with me, outlining my rights based on the Portuguese Constitution and also with the quoted mandates from Decreto-Lei 20/2020 that show that wearing a mask is “impracticable”, which they clearly state in paragraph 2. I will give a copy to every shop with my signature, and if they do not let me in on this occasion, I ask them to do my shopping for me and bring it outside. This is in letter form so that they may read it themselves and think, “What am I buying into, here? What am I doing about this pandemic? Is my own compliance right or is it wrong?”

Regardless of mandates and laws, we have to ask if they are right or wrong and then decide what to do and how to act.

And this is what you can do. The more rights they strip from us, the more dire our situation looks for the generations ahead.

Please stand in your own power! Om, shanti, shanti, shanti.

*Other heroes I encourage you to research are:
David Icke
Dr. Ayyadurai Shiva
Brian Rose and London Real








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