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Episode 68: Building an Off-grid Eco home (The Bare Minimum of Technicalities), Part II


What does it take to build an off-grid eco home? In times like these, this couldn’t be a better idea! You can grow your own food, use solar electricity, and generally live life abundantly without being on a schedule besides your own motivation to work hard on the shelter that will be your own.

We chose to build from four of the largest size shipping containers: 40-foot by 2.9 metres high. They work great, because they are ready-structures that are already wind and waterproof, so you just need to fill in the gaps and camp within for the time being.

In this episode (see Episode 55 for part 1), I go over the bare essentials of building the “rough finish” of just one shipping container. We talk sufficiently geeky about plasterboarding and making walls; sealing screws; choosing the right industrial-grade metal paint to protect your container; painting in general; and many details you need to know to get started.

Please email me at to ask about any materials we used or the technicalities in building your own container.

Om, namaste!




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