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Episode 67: Buddhist Science – The Ultimate Theory of Relativity


2,500 years ago, the Buddha found the “Ultimate Theory of Relativity” under the Bodhi Tree — long before his successors, like Einstein and others.

In this episode, we speak about time, karma, inter-being and our connectedness, and the universal principle according to Dhamma.

A special thanks to Professor Bob Thurman, long-time author and friend of the Dalai Lama, for the enlightenment and wisdom you share with so many of us on this subject!

2 thoughts on “Episode 67: Buddhist Science – The Ultimate Theory of Relativity”

  1. „I invite you to embrace a new reality. It is not a matter of religion – it is a matter of fact, a matter of science, a matter of experiment, and a matter of awareness. I invite you to awaken to the infinite life you already have, no matter what your worldview. I invite you to take up responsibility for your own evolutionary destiny. I invite you to take advantage of your priceless human opportunity to make a definitive turn toward ultimate security, complete freedom, and unbounded happiness. (p. 23, The Nature of Reality)“
    — Robert A.F. Thurman (Infinite Life)

    🙂 Bob is awesome. He is certainly one of my teachers. If I remember correctly, he invented the term Buddhaverse.


  2. „Joyful buddhaverse-building is an essential element of your creativity transcendence. In „The Teaching of Vimalakirti Sutra“, the Buddha tells the Licchavi youth Ratnakara and his comrades that the bodhisattva knows that it is impossible to build or adorn a buddhaverse, since all things are like empty space and anyone knows that it is impossible to build a world in empty space. Nonetheless, the bodhisattva still determines to build and beautify a buddhaverse, out of her overwhelming love for sensitive beings. Joyful creativity transcendence thus exuberantly determines to perform the impossible, to dare to do what no one can do. This makes her creativity transcendent, since it flows forth in deed, word, and thought without any expectation of result, without impatience about any seeming obstacle, without concern for interference, and without appropriating any accomplishment.

    In fact, through transcendent wisdom, the bodhisattva knows that nothing is impossible, all things are possible, since the frame of reference is the infinite, meaning all certainties about the relative state of things in the infinite are only relative, never absolute. The bodhisattva begins from the expanded awareness that ultimately there is no difference between him and all sensitive beings and all insensitive things, they are one body of infinite life, measureless in space, and beginningless and endless in time. Transcendent transformation of the self is transcendent transformation of the world. Your becoming a buddha, thought of initially as an ultimate mutation into pure goodness of your personal continuum of body, speech, and mind, is the same as the universe‘s becoming a buddhaverse. Along with you, every other interconnected being must become liberated from suffering and exalted in bliss. Sensitive beings stuck in the reification of their present physicality, boundaried off apart from all other beings and things, may feel that the universe is still a universe, even though perhaps some other being has become divine or „buddhine,“ an and that must be respected as part of the enlightened infinite oneness – their sense of noninfinity and the suffering of alienation is also still part of the oneness. They cannot be transformed by force – from the outside, so to speak. They only can transform themselves from within, by reaching a deeper understanding.“ (Robert A.F. Thurman, Infinite Life)


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