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Episode 66: Coronavirus / Covid-19 Outbreak – Tough Questions on Society and Hope for our Spiritual Lives


Rarely do I record an opinion piece, but this unfolding is too big to ignore. Everybody is wondering what is happening, where the virus came from, and how it will affect our future. I see both positive and negative outcomes for this story.

The good news first? I believe our current economic system will be destroyed, and we will have to live an entirely new way where making, buying, and spending is not the primary focus of our lives. We are going to have a spiritual revolution in consciousness. People all over the world are sitting at home with time to either do two things: run their wires dry with worry and fear or to contemplate with the questions, “What is really important right now? How do I really want to spend my time? Without my career, who am I?” amongst a million others, to be sure.

The bad news? I believe another revolution will come beforehand and of at least a semi-violent nature. Food is being hoarded from shops as people panic. It is seen as a limited resource, and this is the first form of control; granted, it is being controlled already including stealing from the small farmer, pesticide use, the mass killing and utilisation of animals as machines, bad advertising and fast food, fake concoctions made of sugar and E-numbers, etc. However, now that food (and toilet paper) are the number one commodities, it can be used on a global scale as a form of control. Riots could break out and a suppression of ‘the troublemakers’ could ensue.

Countries are also limiting travel – not only to and from airports – but to and from a variety of shops and services. Nations like the UK, Spain, Portugal, and Italy have called for a State of Emergency, meaning most leisure activities and travel are cut out, save for trips to the supermarket, pharmacy, or petrol station. In other words, whatever isn’t necessary — you can’t do. Spain is even handing out fines to cyclists and walkers just for being outdoors! Portugal is a bit better, because there are less people and it’s deemed fine to exercise or walk the dog, as long as it’s a one-person project as groups of two or more are not allowed. Small food markets are totally shut down, so this forces people to shop at supermarket chains right now. I fathom that governments will ultimately try to tighten regulations even further on our food supply as a form of control, because “the virus started at a small market in Wuhan. So do you think it’s safe to buy and sell from normal people anymore? We need to slice it, test it, add chemicals to it, and distribute it waaaaay more carefully to our trusting public.” (Sarcasm).

I also suspect mandatory vaccinations for Coronavirus, even in order to step on to an airplane. Airports are already seriously considering “forcibly quarantining” people who are either ill or suspected to carry the virus. Human rights are teetering on the brink.

Tough questions about the economy, globalisation, and human control will be explored in this episode, so have a listen and form your own opinion. The best we can do is to think critically at this time, carry out our spiritual lives to the fullest, and think of creative ways to come together communally so that the shift of power lies in the human spirit and not in governments who have tried so hard to make slaves out of us — pure beings in a crazy system we never wanted.

I want to share two powerful videos below containing advice and hope through this rough period of Kali Yuga:

Sri Acharya of Dharma Nation
Shanyamurti of the Sat Yoga Institute.


I pray that everyone on this planet be protected and come through safe and happy! Om Namo Buddha, Om Namah Shivaya, and all other enlightened deities — may you manifest your compassion and calm upon us at this time. Om.

6 thoughts on “Episode 66: Coronavirus / Covid-19 Outbreak – Tough Questions on Society and Hope for our Spiritual Lives”

  1. „The good news first? I believe our current economic system will be destroyed, and we will have to live an entirely new way where making, buying, and spending is not the primary focus of our lives. We are going to have a spiritual revolution in consciousness“

    Yes! You are a truth speaker. We have to prepare ourselves physically and spiritually for everything. Prayer, meditation and contemplation are our weapons of light. Let go and let God. Give your life over to God. Surrender. His guidance and protection will be with you. Trust in Divine Providence. And trust in the wonderful spiritual community, all the friends and servants of the Lord all over the world.

    „Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.“ (Bhagavad Gita 18.66)

    “There is no place where God is not. Indeed, for Sanatana Dharma, it is the very presence of God itself within the very core of all things that gives all things their very existence ontologically, and their very raison d’être spiritually. God is present within all of the material creation, within all of nature, in the hearts of every living being, and ever-present within our own essential being as the very Soul of our soul, the very foundation of our being, and the sustainer of our existence. Indeed, it is understood that if you were capable of pointing to anything either perceivable or conceivable in which God were not present – you would actually be pointing to nothing at all! This is the reason why the very highest name for God in the tradition of Sanatana Dharma is the Sanskrit term “Sriman Narayana”, or “the Auspicious Sustainer of All Beings.” (p 28)”
    ― Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya, Sanatana Dharma: The Eternal Natural Way

    It is time for us to walk the spiritual path with even greater dedication. More than ever 🙂 Read „Sanatana Dharma: The Eternal Natural Way“. God bless you, sister ❤


  2. Dearest Mark,
    Thank you for your inspiring words straight from the Bhagavad Gita! In fact, I listened to the whole audio of the Gita today for spiritual strength and a deeper understanding of God. It is in the non-material we find true bliss, equanimous in the face of material building OR destruction. The forces that have kept our consciousness from piercing through the veil are ever being lifted. Sri Acharyaji mentioned that there are those on earth to counteract the negative forces of evil… I wonder if you are one of them 🙂🌞 I will read his book as soon as possible! Thank you for your recommendation. May the forces of good restore truth and Dharma in our hearts. Hare Krisha, in love and light, your spiritual friend – Jnana 💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. „Sri Acharyaji mentioned that there are those on earth to counteract the negative forces of evil… I wonder if you are one of them“ ~ Yes, I am! 😉 the Light of Dharma will rule the world once again. The time of Shambhala is imminent. The best we can do to prepare for it: to cultivate our inner Shambhala as a state of individual enlightenment and extend it to the people within our immediate circle of influence. You are a sparkling jewel in Indra’s Net, Jnana.


  3. This is my first time here. I saw your website address on a video I just listened to, titled, “Authentic Spirituality Versus New Age Delusion,” where you interviewed Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya.

    It was very kind of you to offer to hold that art event for your friend.

    I listened to that interview you referred to (London Real), and understand your concerns.

    I sure hope that landlords and lenders are lenient nowadays. Just that, alone, can be a great relief for many.

    When I get the chance to, I’ll do what I can to support small businesses.


  4. Actually, I would like to add to what I wrote.

    You seem concerned–and rightfully so–about the state of things. One thing I’ve been saying is that there’s a lot of good that can come of this–a couple of which you may have touched on. I’ll list a few of these:

    1. You touched on community. For the most part, people are now at home spending time with their families.

    2. Hopefully, we’re developing compassion.

    3. I think there’s a new work-from-home epiphany happening. People might realize, “Hey…I can work from home and be just as productive as I was at the office. And, I don’t have to sit in traffic, and I can be with my kids.”

    4. You mentioned your concern about micro-chipping. I’ve thought about this, and my feeling is that a lot of religious people around the world might see this as Beastly, and there might be such an outcry that there might have to be another option to micro-chipping. I don’t know if it can work on a widespread scale.

    There are other points I can mention, but those are a few that come to mind.


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