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Episode 61: Transcending Illusion in the Kali Yuga – Interview with Sri Acharya

Screenshot_2020-02-08 Transcending Illusion in the Kali Yuga - An Interview with Acharya - YouTube

In this episode, I present Sri Acharya for the second time. With great spiritual backbone, Acharaji takes us through the most pertinent questions of our time.

As most people are interested in what’s going on “out there”, I took the liberty to ask him what the Vedic literature has to say about the age we are living in with regards to our particular political, economic, and technological situation.

I also ask our spiritual friend what he thinks about the technological obsession in our western societies and where we’re headed from here.

Then, as we delve deeper, we get into the nitty-gritty for those advancing on the spiritual path already with regards to if and how we should please the gods, goddesses, devas, and dakinis of this world in addition to worshiping and finding God. We talk about Puja, Yagya, and the Earth (Bhumi).

Lastly, on a note for Buddhists especially, we go over what that evasive term “ego” is all about and what it actually means.

Here is Sri Acharya’s video of our podcast on his channel, Dharma Nation:


2 thoughts on “Episode 61: Transcending Illusion in the Kali Yuga – Interview with Sri Acharya”

  1. „Sanatana Dharma is a religion of the possible.  It is a tradition that teaches us that anything and everything we can dream is attainable.  In Sanatana Dharma, we are radically free to perform any positive task, to reach out boldly toward any constructive goal, to achieve any dream that our imaginations can reveal.  Dharma frees us from the bonds of ignorance and fear that bind us, and gives mighty wings to realize our inner yearning for peace, joy, and unlimited freedom.“
    ~ Sri Dharma Pravartaka Acharya, Sanatana Dharma: Embracing an Infinity of Possibilities


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