Psychedelics, Plant Medicines, Entheogens, Spirituality

Episode 10: The God Button – Bufo Alvarius

Courtesy of NASA

In this raw and gripping episode, we speak with a friend on one of the most important days of his life: the day after he had gone through a Bufo Alvarius experience, a medicine from South America.

This is not a medicine to be taken lightly, as it dissolves a lifetime of pent-up stress, habitual patterns, and can break egoic thoughts and feelings that have been in the consciousness for decades.

The participant was launched into an experience of coming to the very end of the universe — all human beings and life on earth, all galaxies, other universes, gods, and that-which-we-do-not-know-of as people — and reached a point at the “end” of all this. This entire manifestation was God him/herself, and our participant tasted God.

God, this entire creation, showed the participant a “button”. If he hit the button, the entire cosmic manifestation would cease to exist… entirely. The button would dissipate and dissolve everything that ever was, including God him/herself.

What was this like? This choice, to end something in favour of real nothing? Find out by listening here…

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