Episode 9: Manifestation Takes Time, So Keep Going

Shannon Art3556_1

With the sound of raindrops in the background, after a long and arduous winter running session, I recorded these inspirations on manifestation. Manifestation sounds like a completely new-age term, yet it is what we do all the time. Planning or foreseeing events or envisioning projects takes time, but they come to fruition through the energy behind them. An intention or vision is a “thought” that bubbles to the surface of the conscious mind from the subconscious where it has been previously hidden as knowledge.

We pick up cues or signals all the time and put them into our subconscious; that’s specifically why advertising is so potent, because we can see an image one time or thirty, and although we have no reaction to it, it may seep into our subconscious and bubble to the surface later as a “thought” of “I want this!” or “wouldn’t it be great to go to that event?”

And we can watch these as the casual observer, which is the witnessing consciousness that is involved in neither thought, emotion, or action, and see if it really resonates with what we want to materialise, based on our basic truths and morals.

When the thought is very strong, it leads us to chase what we want for a longer period of time: career changes, relationship troubleshooting, starting a creative project, etc. When you know that it’s good for you, you won’t simply give up if the plan doesn’t pan out the first time around… you will use your creative abilities to stretch your mind and heart to its limits to let in the vision. It can take months or years, and maybe the first or second or third try did not yield a perfect result, but that could either be because the strategy just has to change or the object-of-affection is near the right objective.

Say your objective is to move to Africa and help a village solve a food crisis. You run into problems with the air travel, the village no longer respects or accepts your presence, or your children suddenly come down with an illness and your schedule is thrown into the muck. What would you do? You can re-strategise to find another solution, which will indeed take more time, or perhaps a community project right in your neighbourhood will require your help where you don’t have to travel or spend all that time and energy at all. Maybe you were originally inspired to go to Africa because of a philanthopic event you attended where it was advertised — but all along, that event needed your help: not actually Africa.

Start paying attention and picking up clues, but don’t give up. Manifestation takes time. Look around you: food, water, home, people who love you! All of those you have come to realise already, and there will always be more to manifest.

Om to creation!

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