What is life all about? Who made us? How do we raise our consciousness? What is real happiness? And how do we attain liberation from the entire cycle of birth and death?


These are questions that are pertinent to humanity, and we deserve to know the answers. In fact, that is why we are here. Everything is changing at a very rapid pace – we could say, faster than at any known point in our history. This is due to our obsession with materiality (which includes technology, politics, and the economics of consumerism). The fact that all is changing is not new, however; the Buddha passionately taught that “all is changing” and “clinging to this change” creates suffering. The Buddha grew up in modern-day India, and what was then part of Nepal. He also grew up surrounded by the traditions of Sanatana Dharma (commonly referred to as Hinduism). Buddhism and Sanatana Dharma are sister paths, but the ultimate goal of the two is exactly the same. 

Sanatana Dharma is the most ancient form of spirituality that we know about and contains wisdom about the nature of our universe, other planets and their locations, meditation, science concerning the body and its health / gestation / yoga, karma, dharma, good vs. evil, and ultimately: God, or the Supreme Reality. This Reality is referred to, in the texts, as “Narayanaya”, “Krishna”, “Brahman”, “Ishwara”, and a number of other names.

Worship of and devotion to the supreme, called Bhakti, is one of the ways to release ourselves from the delusion of being attached simply to material objects and situations of life, and brings us absolute joy! 

I, as a Bhakta… who changed my life from an overly busy Londoner to an off-grid eco-house builder and natural-liver… am now called to infuse the world with much more spiritual happiness. This is through the mediums of dance and music.

My project is called “Bhakti Revival”, and I will be hosting Kirtan dance and jam sessions, straight out of my home and on my big plot of land, near the beautiful Montejunto mountain in Portugal.

Also, daily dance classes and lessons will also be available, in:

  • Emotional release and letting-go group sessions
  • Acrobatics
  • Yoga fusion

Welcome to the new vision, and keep enjoying the podcast!

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