I’m your hostess, Jnana B!


I’m sure my story is not unique; I’m asking the same questions you are and have had a series of awakenings that lead me on the Buddhist path to spread awareness about “waking up” and “liberation”. From my traditional Catholic American upbringing, to practically being forced in the mainstream Christian community to “find Jesus”, to spontaneously becoming one with the universe in my most difficult moment, to finding and leaving a non-dual guru, to chilling out and finding the most sensical path forward to liberation via the Buddha’s teachings… I have been to spiritual college and back again, and I am still officially enrolled. But now I can hopefully help you, by teaching the BuddhaDhamma and the various ways to wake up from the dream we are living in.

Following the Bodhisattva path, it is my quest to help liberate not just myself but all beings. In 2019, spiritual urgency, or samvega, lead me to quit the past 7 years of my London-based lifestyle to move to Portugal: to build an eco-house from scratch, grow fresh fruit and vegetables, and create a space where every person is welcome, without class-barriers. In 2018, I studied massage with three great teachers, in the Thai, Ayurvedic, and traditional-oil style to be able to follow the feeling of helping others in a meaningful way. Though I have had much formal education, studying at universities in America, Scotland, and England with a BA in Creative Writing & Journalism, the best education has come from self-educating on the Dhamma, meditating, and practice in the healing arts. This year, in 2020, we will create three separate projects: our podcast studio, our massage studio, and a space to host spiritual speakers and Satsangs, where all guests are welcome to come and have a rest, overlooking the beautiful Montejunto mountain.

On our podcast, I interview people from all walks of life involved in the spiritual community so we can share our wisdom, regardless of our temperaments. The Buddha remarked that there are 84,000 doors to enlightenment, so choose the episodes which you feel drawn to as an individual spark of divine consciousness.

Episodes include:

* Buddhism and Dhamma in its various forms, including Sutta readings

* Sanatana Dharma and Hinduism: from Trika Shaivism to Bhakti Yoga and everything in between

* Psychedelics and Entheogenic experiences for spiritual purposes

* Non-duality and Advaita Vedanta

* Guided meditations

* Issues in our current society and their solutions: from technology, to Kali Yuga, economics, education, ecology, and more

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