Who is the Curious Bodhi?


What makes us human? What is the nature of our happiness and suffering… and where do we rile up the energy to do all of this!? How does awakening unfold on the tri-level of our body/mind/spirit continuum and transfer into society? This podcast is for truth-seekers and those who wish to gain wisdom – not just ‘dry, book knowledge’. As your podcast host, I am like a mirror reflecting you, as a listener and disseminator of your direct experiences. We cover topics like:

How awakening affects us on a societal level, as we progress in intelligence and awareness – economics, politics, science, art, and all the important facets of being human will be covered

        Buddhism and Hinduism: from Zen practice to Bhakti Yoga

        Psychedelics / entheogenic plants and how they flower the psyche

        Non-duality and how to gain clarity, awakening, and awareness

Meditation and finding out about our own mind

& Interviews with Innovators for the future of our planet at this critical stage

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